SID Icon In Depth 1.4

A program for editing and creating icons, cursors and animated cursors - using the common editing to
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Sound In Depth
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Icon In Depth is a program that used for creation and editing icons, or even cusors in various color depths ( 2, 16, 256 and true color), gives the ability to creat icon with a preset sizes (16, 24, 32, 48, 64) including the ability to customize the icon size, use dynamic transparent colors for the icon, create cursors with free hotspots, creat and / or view animated cursors, extract icon from any file or folder, associate ICO files with the program, implement the most editing tools and effects, paste any mage from the clipboard, select Regions for Import from .bmp, .jpg, .gif, or .wmf image files greater than 64X64 pixels, Drag and Drop any files to the Program for open, store the most recent 5 files opened before, unlimited undo and redo steps, support multilanguage interface. It has an Effect menu which contains many effects that can be applied on the icon like Flip Horizontally, Flip Vertically, Rotate +90 (which means rotate 90 degree in the anticlock wise dirction), Rotate -90 (which means rotate 90 degree in the clock wise dirction).



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